30 new Modular Apartments installed in just 8 days!

The cozy modular apartments were produced in Latvia and shipped to Sweden 

Riga, Latvia, and Södertälje, Sweden – June 1, 2020 Forta PRO, STUDLIVING and Blumenthal Group recently completed a new, rental apartment project for the developer Paradoumo Group in Södertälje, Sweden.  Forta PRO delivered 30 fully furnished apartments, produced in modular construction factory in Latvia. 

The developer had an ambitious goal - to build comfortable and affordable rental apartments for young families in the shortest time possible.  This project was exceptionally important for the developer as it was the first rental apartment project. “The goal with this project was achieved many thanks to Forta PRO’s modular technology”, says Sanharib Badur, Project Manager and co-founder for Paradoumo Group. 

The use of modular technology significantly reduced the duration of the project and ensured the guaranteed quality of finishes and elements. Since the production of modular building blocks coincided with the site foundation works, the assembly of the building was realized exceedingly faster than in traditional construction - the assembly was done in just 8 days! Furthermore, as significant portion of construction is completed in the factory, weather delay risk was mitigated to the very minimum. As a result, the building was completed significantly earlier, occupied sooner and created a faster return on investment.

“This project was very important to us as one of the Paradoumo Group’s objectives is to build and maintain more rental apartments, which is a deficiency in Sweden in general, and Stockholm in particular with many years of waiting for a family to find an affordable living”, continues Sanharib Badur of Paradoumo Group. “We will build more rental apartments in the near future and we look forward to contribute to society in a positive manner. As it is rental apartments, we are paying extra attention to building quality and construction lead-time to create the right standard of living for our tenants as fast as possible”.

Johan Blumenthal, who was the General Contractor in the project, commented: “It’s a perfect project. We’ve done it modular. It was quick; we signed the contract with Forta in December and all the rental guests moved-in on October 1st. That’s the benefit of using modular as well as the quality and the good cooperation with Forta PRO which was extremely important.”

Video on the making of the Ekgarden Apartment Project


30 new Modular Apartments installed in just 8 days!

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