Forta PRO Launches Modular Hospital Construction in Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark – May 24, 2016 – Forta PRO launches its modular hospital construction activities in Denmark at the Conference and Expo 2016.  “Our modules can meet all medical construction needs and requirements with the latest technology approach” says Ermins Sniedze, Forta PRO CEO.

Forta PRO, Latvian-based company, features advanced off-site building methods offering healthcare facilities in a fast– track modular construction solutions with minimal disruption to the surrounding facilities operation.

The advanced factory prefabrication enables Forta PRO to speed up the project timetable for the construction projects in a way that is not achievable by the on–site building technology.

Showing in Denmark for the first time, following success in other Scandinavian countries and Latvia, its home market, Forta PRO was, according to its CEO, “delighted at the interest and enthusiasm our offering generated.

“We knew our modules are unique and of high-quality.  Our team of expert designers carry more than 25 years of medical facilities planning and construction in many parts of the world. We were more than pleased at how these benefits were so quickly and intuitively perceived”.

Helle Gaub, Project Director responsible for the construction of the Zealand University Hospital and the initiator of the interregional conference stated: “Interest in the conference has been overwhelming among construction companies and contractors of specialized solutions for the healthcare sector in Denmark and abroad”.

Ermins concluded: “Our primary goal at the show was to link up to the relevant decision-makers, consultants and planners.  We more than succeeded, attracting the best in their league. Furthermore, we knew potential end-customers would also be attending, and we were interested in their feedback as well.  Summing up, while our expectations were high, they were even surpassed by reality.”

Forta PRO offers customers, planners and medical facilities designers to visit its’ showroom in Latvia and experience the modular construction benefits and advantages.

About Forta PRO

Forta PRO was established with the aim to offer Latvian made modular constructions to export markets, with a focus on the development of medical industry and residential building projects.  Forta PRO manufactures highly functional modular systems, suitable for the construction and development of buildings of various classifications (including multi-story residential building construction).


Forta PRO Launches Modular Hospital Construction in Denmark

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