To build modular more efficient!

At Forta PRO we appreciate each member of our large production team, and we want to give everyone the opportunity to participate in the growth and development of the company, whether it is an office manager or a factory employee.
We are open to share our experience and study from ideas of others. To make this more productive, recently Forta PRO joined BiznesaEfektivitātesAsociācija.
Ludmila Kulmaticka, Business Process Manager says: “Cooperation with BEA opened for us a wide range of internal development opportunities. The association helps companies to learn and apply modern and efficient improvement methods such as LEAN, TOC and Agile. The experts of the association are advanced Latvian brands and leaders in the field of continuous improvement. All BEA events are inspirational, and give a drive to work on internal optimization, which we use to build modularly more efficiently!”


To build modular more efficient!

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