“Learning never exhausts the mind.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Forta PRO is proud to be a mentor and share our modular construction knowledge and experience.

Throughout June 2021, Forta PRO specialists took part at the Design Technology Institute Presentations of the Riga Technical University. It was the concluding event of a long journey into modular construction world, starting in February this year. In the process, RTU students learned the basic principles of modular construction, restrictions and international practice in the industry, while Forta PRO gained new ideas from the creative approach of students in design, as well as the opportunity to meet potential motivated employees. 

Within the framework, Forta PRO defined the terms of reference for students, dimensions of a 2-storey modular building, taking into account the basic principles of modular construction.

The private apartments layout had to be developed to provide a full-fledged and ergonomic living environment for the residents. Students groups worked on preparation of full design for one of the apartment concept, drawings and interior composition in accordance with the applicable norms and standards.

After several supervisory presentations, during which students were consulted on unclear issues and the progress of the course work was assessed, the best solutions were exposed.  On June 3, the final course presentation was organized online with the participation of students, RTU lecturers and Forta PRO representatives. During the defending of the course works process, the created functional apartment layouts were evaluated according to the architectural solution, as well as the functional and aesthetic elements of the interior design.

Representatives and management of both RTU and Forta PRO evaluated this cooperation as extremely successful and promising. This kind of cooperation will give RTU DTI students the opportunity to become valuable specialists in advanced modular construction world!

Congrats to all graduates!


“Learning never exhausts the mind.” – Leonardo da Vinci

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