Hotels and Resorts

Forta PRO offers high rise buildings for different type of facilities based on a durable, reliable and life lasting steel frame. Modular solutions for the Hotels and Resorts, were modular construction, time saving and labour efficiency, can provide additional cost savings. Among other things, the modular construction ensures the spectacular acoustic parameters inside the room, guaranteeing a comfortable stay.

Modular hotel construction is a growing trend in Hospitality, that has become popular world-wide. By using of the modular construction efficiently Hotel owners and Developers can build and open the project 30-50% faster than with conventional construction methods. First, time savings are achieved by eliminating such adverse factors as the influence of weather, transport and delays of supply, labor shortage and other factors for construction. Modules are produced in the safe close factory environment in parallel with other stages of the site works and will be delivered on time, according to the project plan. The next step is fast on-site installation, with minimal environmental impact and disturbance for the neighboring buildings.

Forta PRO propose the wide choice of the finishing options according the project level. Prefabricated fully equipped and prefinished modules, with all furniture and bathroom appliances installed in the factory will insure that every room meets your guests’ expectations.

Micro-living apartments

Forta PRO offers structural steel student and workers dormitories, social buildings, durable and comfortable leaving space. Permanent or relocatable building solutions using modular design concept. We guaranty the time and cost saving, due to production in a dry, factory-controlled environment, and then transporting of the complete building parts to a fully prepared site, for a faster return on your investment.

One of the highest demands today is providing housing for students and workers, with comfortable and modern living conditions. Modular construction allows to quickly and at a high-quality level to build the necessary facilities in a narrow urban area.

Forta PRO propose the functional design of the rooms, perfect quality of the elements and materials, installed and completed at the factory, and fast installation on site. All rooms could be equipped with the furniture and appliances.