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Health & Safety Policy

Our Company, Forta PRO, believes that excellence in the management of Health and Safety is an essential element within its overall business plan – a good Health and Safety record goes hand in hand with high productivity and quality standards.
People are the most important asset to us, and therefore we are totally committed to ensuring their health, safety and welfare at all times. From an economic point of view, Forta PRO believes that prevention is not only better, but also cheaper than cure. There is no necessary conflict between humanitarian and commercial consideration. Profits and safety are not in competition. On the contrary, safety is good business!

Forta PRO is committed to ensuring that it complies with all relevant Health and Safety legislation and where it is reasonably practicable to do so, Forta PRO is striving to go beyond the requirements of legislation. To achieve this, Forta PRO is providing the necessary resources and seeking the co-operation of all our employees for the purposes of implementing this policy. Moreover, our company ensures, that all employees are adequately qualified and experienced to allow them to carry out their work safely and without risk.

Forta PRO is committed to ongoing monitoring and review processes, so that continual improvement in the management of Health and Safety can be achieved. Forta PRO general intentions are:

  • Forta PRO cube To provide adequate control of the Health and Safety risks arising from work activities
  • Forta PRO cube To consult with our employees on all matters affecting their Health & Safety
  • Forta PRO cube To provide and maintain safe equipment
  • Forta PRO cube To provide information, instruction and supervision for employees
  • Forta PRO cube To prevent accidents and cases of work related to the illnesses
  • Forta PRO cube To maintain safe and healthy working conditions
  • Energy & Environment

    We at Forta PRO are very proud of our environmentally friendly and sustainable production. Almost all the materials used for our modules production are natural and disposable. The technology of manufacturing doesn't include use of heavy chemicals or toxic materials. There are no technological burning processes in the production process, therefore emission of CO2 is just natural and in appropriate amounts. There is low noise level and low consumption of energy resources, which in addition is a subject to continuous optimization. Our activity has no residues and doesn't impact the ground, air and water natural cleanness.

    Waste management is strictly controlled. All waste is carefully collected, stored in appropriate conditions and utilized accordingly. We are running different activities aimed to optimize the amount of waste and reduce it from project to project.

    In addition, we are supporting the recycling process as much as possible. At our production site we are sorting and recycling the cardboard and packaging film, as well as all wood is being used for our factory heating.

    To ensure the best performance towards the environment we are running Environment Management System according ISO 14001 efficiently integrated together with Energy Management System according ISO 50001. We see that this combination will ensure continuous improvement of environmental impact and energy consumption as well as sustainability of our business.

    Our product is custom-made and therefore our customers can make it in accordance with their sustainable and environmentally friendly vision and intents. We will fill all compliance obligations rising from legislation or client specific needs.

    Quality Policy
    Quality Policy

    To ensure perfect performance of our unique products we at Forta PRO have implemented Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015, assured with the certificate issued by Bureau Veritas Latvia. We have implemented the system of performance quality control at each stage of product development until complete product is ready for use by our customers. System helps us to set our quality objectives high and realistic at the same time. Design of the product is performed by a highly skilled and experienced team of architects and engineers, who have proved their competence and believes that nothing is impossible. As final product quality depends on the quality of used materials, all the purchases are made from wide known companies, who have ensured their quality and service level due to our quality preferences - quality is always prior to the price. To ensure fast and cost-efficient production, work in our factories is organized according to LEAN principles. Challenges are always welcome due to the strong and experienced team accompanied by smart quality management at all levels. Construction naturally is supported by the supervising and every-step performance quality control, which ensures excellent results and enjoyable use of end-product. At all times starting from the project idea until the complete building our customers are fully supported by our highly experienced project managers, who take into consideration all the needs and requirements. Stage to stage they lead the process according to the customer expectations, assuring that the final product is as perfect as intended and experience received through the collaboration is very positive. We at Forta PRO are continually improving our Quality Management System by always knowing our customer needs and fulfilling all applicable requirements.

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