Generic Modular Apartments

Unbeatable speed, quality and price for modular apartments!

Forta PRO offers new modular apartments product, available at competitive price to be produced at your envisaged land plot already during 2022!

Generic Modular Apartments (GMA) - a unique solution for real-estate developers and construction companies, guaranteeing fast construction and safe investments.

Forta PRO GMA projects meet the highest requirements for construction, finishing quality and adherence to local standards and regulations of rental apartments and comfort living. Our concept offers an optimal solution, significantly reducing construction time that allows developers and investors to quickly realize construction projects, providing safest and most reliable way of their investments.

Additionally, the project allows meeting the so important and demanded environmental requirements. Generic modular construction standardization improves sustainability through better material use and faster on-site assembly.

Build faster and with higher quality with Forta PRO Generic Modular Apartments concept!

Forta PRO’s GMA package offers 1 to 3 room apartment options, which are combined into 2 to 4 story buildings. The apartment layout is pre-designed and ready for production at Forta PRO’s advanced production lines. GMA concept offers various solutions for interior and exterior finishing, including options for the facade and roof.

The factory production enables strict quality assurance and product testing throughout the production process.

Careful shipping and fast on-site assembly ensure delivery on schedule and avoiding risk of weather conditions delay.

Generic modular apartments
Generic modular apartment

Ready-made building concept offers customers optimal solutions, significantly reducing construction time due to project schedule and the design optimization.

Forta PRO Generic Modular Apartments offer:

  • Forta PRO cube Fixed costs and minimized risks throughout the project
  • Forta PRO cube Efficient, reduced labour and site expenses
  • Forta PRO cube Construction without disturbing neighbours and surroundings
  • Forta PRO cube Sustainable, less carbon emission and waste